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The Not So Glamorous Process

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I'm standing directly in front of a large four foot canvas; I've had an idea sitting in my head for months. My ideas finally start to spill out and with it, I also feel a sense of release and tranquility. My hands are jittery because I care so much about how it looks and I am immersed with every brushstroke. This is art. This is the process. I may paint something in a color that I need to cover up; I may take a week to paint something, or it could take over a year because it needed so many revisions. Art is tricky like that, I may think the piece is coming together, and then I realize I don't like it and I reuse the canvas to do something different.

" The Alley" 36x36" by Kristine Cooper

When I was in college someone told me "I wish I was a painter so I could play with paints in a studio all day, sounds like fun". In essence, that individual gave me the impression that they didn't think painting was hard work. But the truth is painting is hard work, and I am so glad I get to be a part of it. It's difficult and challenging, and once I unlock a new design or style, it feels incredible. I am sure that's how all creatives feel. Their work goes through different seasons, but it's still worth the investment. It is a soul purpose.

While the artistic process can sometimes put me in what feels like pothole, I always come back. I take a break from the studio and do what inspires me. While we are still living through a pandemic, so many of my usual things are off the table I thought I'd share what my inspirations are:

  • Live music, or if at home blasting music on speakers

  • Going to salvage yards and antique stores. Wandering the aisles of strange things from the past always leaves me feeling more inspired

  • Hiking and being out in nature.

  • Travel. New places are crucial in letting my mind be free to new ideas.

  • Cooking, exploring different cuisines from around the world

If you're a creative, what do you do to bring yourself out of a creative rut? Have there been things that have re-energized you through the pandemic?

I curated a playlist specifically to bring some new music to you, for journaling, yoga, cooking or whatever creative moment you want to use it for, click on the image below and enjoy!

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