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The Inspiration

In case you haven’t heard the news, we’ve got a little fella joining the family in August! It’s been so special to paint and bring my creativity alongside this new chapter of my life. I painted this work this spring and titled it “Hummingbird” as the symbol of tranquility kept coming up for me. Not going to sugar coat it, being pregnant, running a business and trying to financially pull myself together before a baby has been hard. The hummingbird stuck with me because they are able to keep their bodies calm while their wings flap. I want to embody that symbolically in my life. This painting feels like a breath of fresh air embracing the flow of life.

Dimensions:  60" width x 48"height x 2.5" depth 


Frame: Douglas Fir Floater Frame


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas with iridescent & metallic paints that change with light!


Painting price includes local delivery/shipping and arrives signed, framed and ready to hang up on the wall.

"Hummingbird" Original Painting

  • Fine Art is shipped and packed carefully and professionally. I ship most large paintings with UPS and I insure the packages. Shipments go out on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. If you live in the Pacific NW or would like to arrange a pickup/drop off in Bend, Seattle or Portland Please Contact me here

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