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Bend Oregon artist Kristine Cooper creates original paintings in her studio inspired by Mt. Bachelor and Deschutes River

About Me...

My name is Kristine, and to understand my artist journey I take you back to my childhood. I discovered art as a child, and immediately felt a pull to creating with my hands. What I didn't know at the time was the alchemy and beauty from chaos I was creating. In my childhood I was born with a birth defect, my dad had a traumatic injury, and I was raised under the poverty line. I lacked resources, or any idea that an art world existed from our small home in Spokane, but I did know I was born to create and use my imagination.

In 2016, I graduated from SPU with an art degree and left the Seattle area one year later to begin a new world in Bend. The high desert landscape, bright warming sun and lifestyle called me. Today I work full-time in my artist practice making art daily in my studio. Art is my diary, story and expression of the subconscious. I am overjoyed to bring this art to life. My hope is that my work infuses your day with joy and love.

Fun Facts about me...

I am a recovering night owl. When I began painting the only time I could paint was after work, which meant staying up until 1am or later to create. I loved it in the moment, but no longer need to do that thankfully and am usually in bed before 10. I know, what a grandma?

Yoga is a part of my art practice. I discovered yoga in 2021, and found it to be integral to getting me out of the mind and into the flow to begin painting.

My favorite outdoor place is Humbug Mountain. It’s a little mountain tucked along the Southern Oregon Coast. Some of my favorite memories are from this magical little place where the ocean meets the sea. Psst… keep this spot a secret.

Current food obsessions after a long studio session are carne asada tacos from a local taco joint. Don’t forget the guac.

Painter Kristine Cooper based in Bend Oregon smiling in studio with artworks
Kristine Cooper Pacific Northwest based artist smiles while adding paintbrush strokes to artwork

Why cooper art and Abode?

When I began my art business in 2020 I planned to have modern interior design as an offering alongside my art, but quickly found there was more interest in the art I was creating. I didn’t have the capacity to run two businesses, leaving me to end the interior design offering, but keep the name. Over time I have found Cooper Art and Abode to embody a new meaning for me. The works are a catalyst for positive transformation in homes converting empty spaces into inspiring sanctuaries. The name Cooper Art and Abode, feels more fitting than it did when I first began as I realize how my art isn’t just wall decor, instead it is a vibrant story waiting to unfold on your walls. 

Want to know more about kristine's Showings and press?

Since graduating she has exhibited her work across the Pacific NW including Seattle and Bend. Her work has been featured in many publications including The Bend Magazine and Seattle Times. Kristine's works have been purchased for many private art collections across the West Coast. She continues to create work daily in her studio based in Bend, Oregon.

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