Kristine Cooper


Artist Biography

Kristine's earliest connection with art began when she was a child. The sidewalks and driveways outside of her home were filled with chalk drawings. She was known to draw on everything that was in her sight, even if she wasn't supposed to. Later in life Kristine graduated with a bachelors degree from SPU majoring in Studio Fine Arts. Since graduating she has exhibited her work across the Pacific NW including Seattle and Bend. Her work has been featured in many publications including The Bend Magazine. Kristine's works have been purchased for many private art collections across the West Coast. She continues to create work daily in her studio based in the Pacific NW.


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Artist statement

My craving to create genuinely, raw artwork is insatiable. I don’t make art as a simple wall decoration instead, my studio practice is rooted in emotion and exploration. I am interested in how our experiences can be represented with brush strokes and colors that take hold on a canvas. 


I paint through the lens in which I see the world. Each brushstroke and color carefully selected mimicking the colors and textures that come alive for me on a walk or at a music show. Nature, traveling and experiences ignite my imagination. For instance, when I pause on a hike I take notice of the details. The pebbles under my feet are earthy colors and organic shapes with natural lines etched in them, and the ferns that line the trail hold whimsical shapes. Melodies pouring out of speakers let my mind feel euphoria, and I am inspired by the way music impresses my mind. I paint more than what I see and taste, it is what I feel.


My work begins with the inspiration from an experience, and once I get to the canvas I combine it with emotion. When I begin painting I enter into a flow state of being. My mind is calmed and I feel as though the practice becomes meditative unaware of the space around me. I reflect, think about the joys of life, traumas, and the full range of human experiences. The artwork is a way for me to shamelessly express every part of my mind. I enjoy pushing boundaries and challenging the way elements to pull together with vibrant acrylic paints, charcoals, and varying mixed media that make up my work.