Kristine is an abstract artist and interior designer with a passion to create spaces that are refined, eclectic and modern in their own way. The combination of combining the vintage with the modern world is appealing to her, and she isn't afraid to mix patterns and colors in a cohesive way. She draws her inspiration from traveling, exploring mountains, and treasure hunting in local antique shops and salvage yards.

Kristine's passion for design and art started long ago, but became a reality after she graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2016. Since then, she has worked within the art and design industry, and worked in an established design firm in Bend, OR where she learned the in's and out's of design. Her artwork and interior design, have been a seamless fit that often go hand in hand in many projects. 

Her desire is to pull together spaces that aren't just aesthetic, but are home. 

Kristine Cooper

Owner & Designer

Artist Statement

Kristine found herself drawn to the arts at a young age as a way of escaping and entering a new place in her imagination. When she was child she would create mosaics, draw on anything blank in sight and the sidewalks were covered in dusty chalk drawings. Later in life Kristine's strength with color theory led to a professor encouraging her to pursue creating abstract contemporary work.

Since graduating, she has continued to create bold bodies of abstract artwork, driven by her soul and intuition. Her artwork acts as a visual diary of her day to day life. Thick layers of paint, vibrant colors and playful shapes transport you to a new dimension. She knows a work is done when the piece invites the eye to explore every inch of the canvas finding new details. Each piece has a story behind what she was thinking while painting, but she also wants viewers to create and design their own unique story for the artwork as well. 

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